Online Sessions

daveWith echo7 online sessions you get the chance to collaborate with top class session musicians.  Our quick and efficient online recording studio continues to be used by songwriters, musicians and producers who require anything from high quality instrumental as well as vocal tracks.

Once you have submitted your song and all the tracks are recorded, we will send you a preview for your approval.  If changes are required we will incorporate your ideas into a new version until you are satisfied with the results.  We have competitive rates and consider jobs of all sizes.

How it works

Send us your track in whatever form you have it, whether it is a rough recording or just a chord sheet.  We will then discuss your ideas in detail to determine what sound and playing style you are looking for, to ensure your songs get the style and production you are looking for, just as you would do in a conventional recording studio.

There are many possibilities in terms of what instruments are being used, which session player you want to play on your track, what microphones and recording techniques should be used in order to get the best sound for your song.


All online sessions are quoted individually – please contact us to get the ball rolling and discuss your ideas.