Offering a flexible space which can comfortably accommodate a full band, string section or small choir, echo7 Recording Studio can be divided up via the use of acoustic screens, or opened out to allow the full use of the space. Our control room is a spacious area which can easily sit several people and can also be used as an additional recording space should it be needed. We also offer a sizeable vocal booth which offers the ideal location for vocalists, soloists or guitar and bass cabs to record their performance.


If you are looking to book time in a recording studio with a proven track record for delivering outstanding results, please feel free to come down and visit us. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer a combination of affordable rates, high quality equipment and an experience that we want you to be happy to recommend. Our customers often come from diverse backgrounds ranging from the seasoned musician to the absolute beginner. If you are new to the recording process, our great team will be on hand to guide you through everything that you need to produce a successful recording. If you are more experienced in regards to recording procedures, we believe that you will find all that you need to produce a recording of the highest quality.

Contact the team at echo7 today for more details.